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What readers have said about Amara's works...

“I can tell that this is an original story. I’ve never seen anything like it, so I’m definitely gonna continue. I think you’ve struck gold in regards to creativity. ” – Katy

I am so sad that this is only short stories. These are so beautiful. And they captivated me so quickly.” -Candice

“This was such a cool story!… The world was so well-developed, despite such a short story. I want more from these characters!!!” -Laura

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Slightly Long Bio:

Amara Luciano is a unicorn-obsessed, hair-color-swapping YA fiction author, who writes stories featuring magic, misfits, and mystical (mis)adventures. She’s the founder of Amara, where she also teaches other fiction authors how to market their books and writes empowering love letters or poems for creative millennials. She loves heart-ready smiles, chocolate anything, and people who win love by daylight. Her spirit animal: Jessica Day. Her motivational mantra: “If I can see it in my heart, I can hold it in my hands,” à la Cara Alwill Leyba. 

You can knock on her social media doors @amaraauthoress pretty much everywhere, but she likes Instagram and Youtube best. Head on over; there’s always room by the bookshelves…

Short Bio:

Amara Luciano is a unicorn-obsessed YA author, creator of the 5 Essential B’s for Rocking Out Your Author Platform, and founder of She specializes in writing fairy tales with a modern twist + developing high-impact content that ACTUALLY sell fiction novels. You can check out her books and her work at!

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