Let’s make your life and business your favorite stories…

I was the girl who stole her mother’s anime box set to summon a beast-god in the emerald fields of summer camp. 

I was also the girl who convinced her siblings + cousin that they could become the 4 elements and save the fairies.

Oh, hey, I’m Amara, and I grew up in the company of drag queens, sailor scouts, mermaids, elves, and mummies…

… and their stories taught me that

1. the world is WAY too fascinating for JUST ONE color, gender, size, or kind, and these things don’t encompass a whole person, let alone a whole journey aaaand

2. following your heart isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Even if everything goes wrong, there are just some things you have to learn for yourself

Now, does this necessarily make me an authority on magic, misfits, and mystical (mis)adventures?

Maybe. Maybe not.

But you know something?

Writing stories, helping authors, and loving on readers has never been about being an “expert.”

Doing all of that has been about giving the gift of experience, creation, and MAGIC to myself and to others. 

And smiling as I change the world in whatever way I can. 

Being here is about sharing with you how to become a serious author without losing serious swag in the process.

How to live past the taunts of the delete button and how to communicate that which you LONG FOR the most.

Being here means serving the kid I used to be, who felt lonely way too often and just wanted a friend.

Even a story friend. 

I’m a teacher, a writer, a storyteller, and a cheerleader who believes TO THE CORE that self-love is the most authentic road to success. 

Those are the gifts I’m putting in your hands…

Photo 2018 © Edward Grant

Jump on our tiny bandwagon and join Magic + Misfits.

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We wear glasses AND black leather and always look rad, yo. 

We like stuff by Maggie Stiefvater, Sarah Addison Allen, Diana Wynne Jones, Anna Marie-McLemore, Melina Marchetta, Roshani Chokshi, and soooo many others. Actually, just hop over to my Book Love page and get a load of insight on my reading tastes.

In fact, in Magic + Misfits we like recommendations too.

Join ussssssss.

It’ll be fun. Pink(-y) promise.

Or maybe you’re an Author In Distress.

And you’ve convinced yourself you don’t have time for magic anymore.

Because you have all these responsibilities now as a small business owner with an unwieldy product line.

You’re just starting out as an author and don’t know where to start.

Or maybe your books aren’t selling the way you want them to.

Well, I’ve got an answer for that too. o(^_^)o




It’s like a Once Upon a Time episode, only a little less Disney and with a lot more variety….

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